Painting Week: Authentic Inspiration with Alison Holcomb!

The amazing Alison Holcomb is sharing her heart today how music inspires her creativity! I LOVE all of her playlists so I asked her to share one with us so we could be inspired to paint and create this week!

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"music is definitely a part of my creative process.. i HAVE to have some kind of background noise when i am creating art or editing photos- it helps my productivity! i tend to listen to music that is quirky and a little mellow or emotional depending on what mood i'm in.. i feel like the quirky songs always make me think about things in a completely new way- and the emotional songs always make me open and ready to create. i always love finding new music and artists just to keep it fresh and interesting! i'm a compulsive itunes buyer, and i love how they give you recommendations after a purchase- i've found so much new music that way. the newest love of my life is a record player i purchased from urban outfitters. it has been an interesting little change- hearing all of the pops and fuzziness of the records makes the music more real and imperfect sounding, which is a reflection of how i want my art to be- real and imperfect." -Alison Holcomb

Thanks so much Alison! I feel inspired already! :) Be sure to check out more of Alison's playlists on her blog's "New Tunes Tuesday" and also check out her awesome photography!


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