Painting Week: Day 3: "Share a Moment"

I loved to create this painting for my dear friend Kate! She gave me an idea of what she wanted and then let me run wild with creativity! I was hoping to create something warm, inviting, deep, and beautiful....just like the lovely owner of this new painting! It's about sweet moments between friends and intimate moments with the Lord. I gave it lots of layers and textures to add depth and meaning.

The top features bright reds and gold for lots of texture. I used my palette knife!

I used lots of warm browns to shade the coffee cups...

The bottom is covered in vintage book pages....very Kate!

I used my own handwriting for the text to add a personal touch!

I hope you love this painting sweet Kate! 
happy wednesday of Painting Week everyone! :)

1 comment:

Kate said...

I absolutely will cherish it for all the time stars light a night sky! I love you & will never forget how much of your heart is in this gift!