Girls Sewing Day!

It was  BLAST having my sister and bro-in-law in town over the weekend! We had so much fun together doing everything from rockin' Vampire Weekend on Guitar Hero to laughing through a tv show on penguins to having an awesome sewing day!

I asked Em to help me make some little bags to hold some super special and secret items for Farmer's Market! (I'll share more on that this week!)

My sis is a bag making expert so she already had a design for me and she helped me get them ironed and sewn together!

Pretty cute, huh? I loved how they turned out!

I love that my mom, my sister and I got to set up all of our sewing machines at once and sew all afternoon together! :) What sweet memories!

Enjoy your day and make it a good one! :)


Regina said...

Hi! At the Spring Fling just recently you had some really cute headbands that I've never seen posted on your site.They were made with a stretchy lace material and had different jewels. Will those be offered at the Farmer's Market?

Molly Swanson said...

Hi Regina!
Those cute stretchy headbands are made by my amazing partner in crime, Danielle Kiser! And I believe she is bringing them to our Flying Olive booth this weekend!! They are also available at the Pink Tumbleweed :). Happy day!

Regina said...

Thanks, Molly! I do plan on visiting the Farmers Market this weekend! Can't Wait! :)

Kate said...

I love your family & how you value your time together. What a super special weekend!

I"m putting a DIY for those drawstring gift bags on my wish list!! What a FUN idea!! (of course everything you design is on my wish list...LOL)

Love you!