Fear in Creativity...

This is something that trips me up at times.

I remember when I was in college, all of my art class critiques would make me so nervous and stressed that I could not create freely! I would worry about what my art was "supposed" to look like or if certain professors would approve and whether my peers would understand. It made me almost frozen in my creativity.

I had a painting professor who agreed to allow me to take an advanced painting class as an independent study course. This was awesome because I would create about 7 paintings and bring them to her for her guidance and ideas. She began to encourage me to create based on my journal, sketches and experiences. She helped me to see that my style of painting told a story and that my story was something unique and special! I began to paint without fear and I began to feel free again.

God used that time in my life to teach me that He created me uniquely and with passions and creativity to worship and celebrate Him! That's where the "Specs & Wings" painting originated. I drew myself just as I was....unique in style and freely expressive in my Lord!

Sometimes fear creeps back in, but I know that my God has made me and it is Him that want to worship with my creative life, without worry or fear! He is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. I know my confidence is sure in Him! What about you? Do you ever struggle with fear in your creativity? How do you handle it?


Ragan said...


Molly Swanson said...

It's funny when I hear someone talk about critiques, my muscles still tighten up a bit! haha! I remember being pretty exhaused after them...even the ones that went great! :)

Katie Vasquez said...

I'm a painting major at my university and it is very scary to put my work up for everyone to see, and people who are my age are giving me advice and sometimes I feel like all I get is the negative and not as much feedback on what I am doing well, it can be discouraging but makes me work that much more. God is always blessing me with new ideas and a beautiful town to be inspired by. Thank you for sharing your creativity and trust in the Lord :)

Molly Swanson said...

Hi Katie!
I'm so excited to hear that you're a painting major! I was a Visual Studies major with an emphasis in painting...totally my favorite meduim! I'm with you on those critiques and it's so great to hear that I'm not alone in my feelings about them. I'm so glad that you take the critisism so well and that it drives you to work harder! :) I love that God is blessing you with new ideas in your pretty town! Thanks for your encouragement! I loved hearing your story!