It's getting there! (Organization Week Continued)

Well, we've made lots of progress and even bought a shelf for all of my supply tubs! We're planning to put it together and load it up tonight! I'm SO excited! I'll be sure to show you when we get it done.

Yesterday afternoon, I got my fabric all ironed, folded, separated by color, and divided into plastic bags in its very own tub!

I also cut out several pretty spring/valentines fabrics to create new hair clips, headbands, and rings...YAY! (I can't tell you how excited it made me!) I think this "assembly line" process is going to be a winner for me this year! :)

**I'm THRILLED that some of you are joining me in organizing your studios! I'm in GREAT company! I'd love to see what you're doing and get your ideas! Email your tips and photos to specsandwings@gmail.com and you may see your ideas here on Specs & Wings blog!!
Please share your brilliance with us not so organized :) haha!**
happy monday!


emily said...

I loved your idea of sorting fabrics by color & putting them in plastic bags. I do this when I pack suitcases, so I don't know why I'd never thought of it for my fabric. Love it! Going to do it now!!

Ragan said...

I liked your idea of plastic tubs with handles and lids. Last night as I went in to tackle the "art closet", I realized I already have the COOLEST containers (blue mason jars, vases, metal and wooden lunchboxes, etc.). So I just went with what I had. I definitely sorted through everything. Now I have 5 shelves:
1: flat boxes of flat art, chronicled by year
2: paint supplies - mediums, brushes, portable brush roll thingy, water cups, and of course, paint :)
3: paper craft supplies - drawers of papers, organized by lights, brights, and darks; bookmaking supplies, rulers, cutting tools, old magazines and paper dolls i use for collage
4: dry media/supplies - crayons, colored pencils, 302382094 sharpies, hot glue gun and glue, sponges, pens and pencils
5: misc - little lunchboxes and plastic drawers for stamps, inkpads, stickers, tags, embellishments, and a few misc. items in a tub labeled "misc."
underneath - a giant vera bradley box full of supplies for a project i keep going back to.

then i have another shelving unit i have organized ALL things textile onto - buttons, velcro, threads, ribbons, fabric, felt, etc.

i also put some floral wire i have into an old wine bottle and, because it's tall, set it on the floor next to the giant vase i filled with wrapping paper

....still working on the actual room itself. but i DID get a box together for "current projects"

so fun :)

Molly Swanson said...

Hey em!
Thanks sis! That means so much coming from you...your art supplies alway look so lovely and I've always been inspired by your pretty organization! I can't wait to see what you do with your fabric! (it's amazing how good it feels!)
love ya!

Molly Swanson said...

Hey Ragan!
I'm loving your fun and creative organizing! Wow! Sounds like you DID get organized! I'd love to see pictures and be inspired by all of your creative storage!
p.s. I LOVE the idea of rolls of paper in a vase! I always wonder what to do with wrapping paper! sounds fuN!
P.p.s. I also LOVE that you organized your paper by lights, brights and darks!