"Get Organized": In the Studio with Claudine Hellmuth!

I've asked some sweet friends to share thier studio space and
organization tips to help us continue to Get Organized!

The beautiful and talented Claudine Hellmuth is sharing her pretty studio space with us today along with some great ideas for getting organized! Enjoy!

The "art side" of my studio/office. The bamboo rug on the floor is to cover up as much carpet as possible. I hate carpet but this apartment has it in the 2 bedrooms. So this is the next best thing!

giant bulletin board above my art table. I can't use thumb tacks in the cork because Stanley takes them down and tries to eat them.

 Studio closet that I turned into my packing & shipping area. So now I have a space for all my shipping supplies and my workshop suitcases fit in too.

 "Office" side of the studio

 Office side of studio again!

 love plastic bins. These ones fit in great in this cheap shelving I got from Service Merchandise about 10 years ago. Does Service Merchandise even exist anymore?
She also says, "my biggest tip for staying organized are the plastic bins that I put into old shelving units. they really help keep fabric and everything out of the way!!!"

Check out Claudine's artwork here!:
WEB: http://www.collageartist.com/
BLOG: http://claudinehellmuth.blogspot.com/

Thanks SO much Claudine! I LOVE your studio and I am absolutely *giddy* to make my creative space a lovely place like yours!

happy *everything's in a bin* day!


claudine hellmuth said...

thanks for blogging my studio!!!

Molly Swanson said...

oh, thank you Claudine! I feel SO inspired and I excited! It was just the push I needed to keep going as I organize and decorate my studio! :)

Lindsay Schott said...

Molly and Claudine I guess...I want to know how Claudine installed that "desktop" in her closet as her shipping prep area. I would like to make a working desktop in my closet as the room is not big enough for a full desk. Thanks!

Molly Swanson said...

Hey Lindsay!I'm not sure how she installed the desktop in the closet (totally brilliant!) but if you email her I bet she'll tell you...she is SO NICE and always gets back with people. ;) Happy day!