Happy Weekend!

Last night Jeremy and I had a REALLY fun date! We went to eat, laugh and talk at Olive Garden (YUM!), then we marveled at the beautiful books at Barnes and Noble before stopping at Starbucks for chai and chatting!!! Then, to top off the night, we talked about our plans to re-do the studio in our home! (YAY!)

Jeremy is a muscian and I'm an artist so we're making plans to make this a very creative space for both of us!

 (here we are in front of our "soon to be" art supplies closet and this is our fun sketch for re-arranging the studio....yes, that's absolutely a Starbucks napkin!)

While we're off playing and re-arranging this weekend, I wanted to leave you with some of the cutest things I saw this week on my inspiration hunts!
I've got "re-doing the home studio/office" on my brain, so here was what stuck out to me!

Smile and Wave Blog

Ikea rug

simple shapes etsy


Paper Source


We're having a blast getting situated, organized and inspired to create! Are you?

Happy Weekend!!!


Lindsay Schott said...

Hey Molly! I am just now reading all of your "Get Organized" blogs and I am really inspired. I want to track my progress with you and I will start with supplies. I also have a guest room that has to be a guest room and studio so that will be fun!

And I may check out those books you mentioned from your wishlist. Thanks again, you're inspiring me to get moving!!


Molly Kate said...

Thanks for reading my "Get Organized" series! I'm excited to hear how your studio/guest room goes! Thanks for reading! Your're awesome.