I've been Painting!!!

 I haven't gotten to paint on a larger scale in months so when I recieved a couple of custom orders for the holidays...I jumped at the chance! I love the challenge of creating something to capture someone's heart, feelings, memories, and joy!

This painting was for a sweet bride to give to her fiance! She told me that she was a "free spirit" whereas her fiance was a bit more rustic...she described this idea of a heart with wings and a pair of boots and this was my interpretation! She also asked me to add this Bible verse that her fiance encouraged her with when they first began dating. I love it! I hope he does too!

This painting is for a sweet newly wed couple! She sent me this beautiful photo from thier wedding day and the lyrics to the song of thier first dance as husband and wife. I decided to make this painting about the moments and memories of thier wedding day and incorporate lots of emotion. I highlighted the couple and a tree that was in photo. I added to the branches and decided that the tree symbolizes how thier love will grow and strengthen in the Lord! The swirls are for the emotions welling up in their hearts. I think the sepia tones make it feel like a dreamy old photograph or a sweet memory.

I have so enjoyed doing these paintings, it makes me want to paint more and more! I can see how much I miss it. :) Thanks to these two couples and I hope you love your paintings!!!

happy everything today!

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