Fabric Wedding Flowers!

Here they are! These are the completed bridal bouquet, corsages, boutineers, and even a hair clip for the bride! I'm so excited to share this with you!

I was going for a simple elegance, soft feel, special details, and a unique design on the bouquet. I wanted it to be a beautiful keepsake from a very special day that the bride could display in her home or pass on to loved ones on thier wedding day...

I wanted a little sparkle here and there...

...with lots of soft fabrics...

....different sizes, pretty colors, and lots of "life"!

The flowers around the edges are the boutineers. They include a small fabric flower and a black and white fabric leaf! The flowers in groups of 3 are the corsages comlete with all of the colors and a sparkly accent button. The one larger blue flower is a hairclilp for the bride!

I really enjoyed creating these fun fabric wedding flowers and I can't wait to see them on the wedding party!

(A special thanks to a super sweet bride! Thanks again!)

happy wednesday!

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