In the Studio: Fabric *Wedding* Flowers!

I have been waiting for the day when I got to share this "behind the scenes" look at one of my recent custom projects....Fabric Wedding Flowers for an entire wedding party!!! What a dream come true to create something so special! Here's a look in my studio through the process of creating. I'll be posting the finished bridal bouquet, corsages, and boutineers soon!

I started by gathering my supplies. The bride gave me her colors and some ideas about the "feel" of her wedding and let me run with it! I was looking for simple colors, special details, and classic/fun design ideas. When I found the perfect fabrics, some sparkly buttons, and the "hardware" I was invisioning, everything else fell into place!

I started to make each flower, carefully trimming, stitching and adding details like antique style buttons and pearls!

As I carefully handcrafted each item, I tried them on myself to make sure they were a good shape, size, and design to make the wearer feel special!

I saved the bouquet for last as it was my most ambitious attempt! I am so blessed that Jeremy's mom is a wedding designer (check out her amazing designs here!: http://www.imagineifdesigns.com/). She gave me the idea for how to assemble the stems of the flowers...YES! It worked perfectly! Come back soon to see the flowers, soft and complete!

happy tuesday!

(p.s. did you enjoy a look "in the studio"? I'm thinking of doing more posts like this!)

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