Our Christmas...

Jeremy and I have had a lovely Christmas! AND we're not done yet!!! :).....We're having more Christmas this weekend! I think it's fun for Christmas to last a while. This year I was really struck by Christmas music....I heard the lyrics in a new way! So, I made this little collage/drawing with some Christmas photos and lyrics. *fun!*

Are you still having Christmas? What's your favorite Christmas song? Some of my favorites include:
Shane and Shane's "Glory in the Highest" CD
Fort Christmas' "Feathers" EP
The song "Sing" by Josh Wilson
The Soundtrack to "Elf"
Sleeping at Last's "December"

I'm excited to hear what your favorites are!!!
happy thursday!

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Britt@artbybritt said...

Shane and Shane's Christmas CD is my fav!! I recognized the lyrics right away. :)