my summer mix

I made y'all a special summer mix to get you excited about this warm & wonderful season! Can you believe it's already here?!? I hope this music inspires you to relax, play, and enjoy the sunshine. Have a very happy day!

I have lots going on to share with ya'll.....as soon as I get them finished! I'd planned to have a
"creative project night" last night, but I was completely zonked....I'll try again tonight! :)
Lots of love!
p.s. I'd love to make another summer mix based on your favorites! Comment your favorite songs/artists and if I get enough, I'll try to make another mix...blog readers style!!!


Annah said...

Ahhh I miss the good ol' days of tapes. Rewing, fastforward, and listen to some Eros Ramazzotti and Madonna on my yellow walkman. ha! What a show.

Molly Swanson said...

thanks Annah! I totally agree....such good times! i don't think I'll ever get over a good mix :) p.s. I LOVE the way you spell your name! So nice to meet you!