we're LOVING this summer!

We had the best weekend! After a fun friday full of sweet times with friends (sad...I have no pictures!!!) and helping out family, we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the warm summer days!

Saturday morning, we decided it would be fun to cook breakfast and enjoy it together with the patio door open. It was beautiful!

arts 294

The soft summer breeze danced in my hair as we sipped on our chai and talked about our favorite summer memories. We talked about our dreams and started making a list of our summer goals on a napkin. I can't describe the perfection of this moment! It was absolutely perfect.

arts 298

Not to mention the amazing-ness of these pancakes! We decided to add fresh blueberries and a peach to the mix! ....Wow....it was as good as it looks!

arts 299

arts 302

The pretty weather was beckoning us to go outside and play!

arts 305

arts 306

J had a gift card so we looked for him some new work clothes...and even picked out some ties! (my favorite part!) It was a blast and he looks SO handsome in them.

arts 307

Perfect ending to the day....a double feature!

arts 308

Sunday was so peaceful....we each had time to rest and read and be creative! I did a little painting and Jeremy worked on some new songs that he's been writing. It was so calming :).
Sad that the weekend was ending, we decided another movie night was in order along with a summer treat....coke floats!

arts 310

arts 309

Are you enjoying your summer? Did you think about how you want to make this summer count? I'd love to hear your ideas and your favorite things to do during this warm and wonderful season!
happy monday!

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Ragan Burkley said...

what a blessing :)