more bars in more places...

more bars in more places

My sister sent me this picture from when she and her husband Blair, came to visit. I think it's awesome! We even got a Tall, Grande, & Venti! haha! We got our coffee then talked and laughed for a few minutes. I couldn't help but think it was SO fun and it felt so good just to spend time all together. I hope someday we all live closer so we can go out for coffee all the time! (The closer the better!)

Can you hear me now?

p.s. thanks for taking my survey! It was great to hear from y'all! I love to hear that there are so many fellow crafters out there! 67% of you would like to see more "how-to's". Cool! I'm cooking up a DIY to show you soon! Are you excited?!?

happy wednesday!

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