fabric flower clutch!

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On Saturday, my mom, my sister and I sewed all afternoon! (Are you starting to see a pattern going on here? ....*no pun intended!*) Anyways, I decided to make a little clutch that I could use to jazz up my spring wardrobe. It's far from perfect and I should have followed a pattern, but I think I have some kind of aversion to patterns! Ha ha! Call me a rebel....

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I have discovered that I love putting fabrics together! I loved chosing the brown and green houndstooth for the outside and a vibrant coral for the lining and fabric flower! Fun.

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...now I just need to sew in a snap to keep the flap closed and it's ready for a day out!

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What are your favorite new spring accessories?

I'm really enjoying blogging again...thank you for visiting my blog today...feel free to comment if you're so inspired ;)

happy thursday!


Kate said...

OMG Molly I love that clutch!!! So cute!!

This spring I'm obsessed with bangle bracelets & antique gold earrings! LOVE THEM ALL

I may need to put in an order for a purse! SO CUTE!!

I love you!

Jules said...

That clutch is adorable! I love it! I don't think you needed a pattern, it looks perfect. = )

Rob & Jen said...

umm hello can we have more of these to maybe buy because they are awesome! So cute Molls!

Molly Swanson said...

thanks so much girls!!! you all have made my day :) I'd love to create more...would these clutches be a fun thing to sell in my etsy shop?...what do y'all think?

Ragan Burkley said...

i love that!! you'll have to show me how to do those flowers!

Kate said...

I SO want to learn how to make these!!!!

You DEF need to be selling these lil' cuties on etsy!

You're a dream! I loved seeing you & J yesterday--what a lovely surprise to my day!