i heart you...

Valentines Day!!!

so in honor of one of my very favorite holidays...
here are some things I'd LOVE to do!

*Dress in hearts!.....these are from Red Velvet...i SO want a pair!

* Eat my all time favorite Valentines cookies!
we're having these tonight with my awesome rents!

*I want to drink something pink! (photo by Elsie...do you see why I love her stuff!?!)

*I wanna make Valentines! Danielle and I are already planning out an art party totally devoted to Valentines Day!

*I want there to be hearts hanging up in our house! and lots of pink & red!
what do you LOVE about Valentines Day? Do you have any plans!?!
happy thursday!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Can I just say again that I love how excited you get over the holidays! I can't wait to see the cuteness you come up w/ this next month...