arts 058

I made this little cutey by hand as a sweet little present for my mom! My mom loves Valentines Day and I owe all of my "Valentine-itis" to her! I remember gathering red, pink, and white paper doilies, glitter, elmers glue, construction paper and shiny heart stickers to make Valentines and even spending forever picking out those little boxes of cards for my classmates!

arts 057

This little lady was hand stitched and I added a fun little hat and an embroidered heart to make her a little more classy and vinatage! I am SO excited I started making lots of fun "heart" things that I can't wait to show you! .......... I guess I should take the Christmas tree down first. ha!
happy Friday!
what's your favorite thing about Valentines?!?

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Ragan said...

that's so cute! you are going blog crazy lately!! let the creativity flooooooow :)