in progress...

arts 053
Like so many other things right now....my new journal is still in progress. BUT I thought y'all might like to see how it's coming along! This is the inside cover (above) and one of the pages..

arts 055
among other projects I have started: sewing Valentines birds, a Christmas paintings, a Christmas journal, my new studio (YES!!! our new place has a spare room with pretty natural light and a green wall...*sigh*) and a project for my owl loving bestie!
phew! One day at a time though...
any suggestions from y'all on how to keep projects going?


Taylor Knowlton said...

I was there when you were making that page!! :D
bahhaahaha,thats crazy!
:) i had such a good time with you
and Kate this weekend! come
back and visit soon!

abeautifullove said...

I am having the same problem... and I have some news! I got a sewing machine for Christmas but still haven't found the time to crack it open! I have A LOT to get to!!! Have a great rest of the week!