just for fun

Picture 244

Picture 263

Picture 251

Picture 248

Picture 246

Picture 253

Picture 265
Jeremy and I decided to try some new photo stuff this weekend! What do you think? I like the fall feeling and it makes me want to try out more! Kate and I also played with our cameras...I can't wait to show you!!! happy monday!


Mike and Cymbre said...

cute pics!! I heard about your afternoon with Kate...I CAN'T WAIT to see those pictures!

Ragan Burkley said...

these are awesome, molly! you took them yourself! how awesome :) really....really awesome! have i mentioned the word "awesome"?
i LOVE your red shirt :)

Molly Swanson said...

thank you SO much! ya, me and Jeremy decided it would be fun to try this so we took photos/modeled together at this abandoned gas station by our apt. Jeremy has been scoping it out for weeks ;) I think he's got the eye! Then I goofed around with editing...I wish I knew more about that! hee hee!