Danielle's Pottery Shower!

Isn't that an amazing idea for a wedding shower?!? We painted dishes for my bff Danielle's new home! She and her fiance love Ed Hardy so lots of us painted tattoo themes. It was a new adventure! They were all really different, but still very cute!

It was really fun and in the end, Danielle and Matt have lots of new dishes! I can't wait for thier wedding next month! It's going to be so creative, fun, personal, and incredible!

I'm so happy for them!!!

(all of these pictures were taken by Emily Green! thanks!)

Jeremy and I are excited to go to thier couples shower this weekend! Hopefully I'll get more pics to share then. happy friday!


Ragan Burkley said...

that IS a cool idea. always wanted to do that :)

Ragan Burkley said...

p.s. i seriously LOVE your new banner! how did you do that?!

Molly Swanson said...

Hey Ragan! I used this website called "scrapblog" and then downloaded it as a jpeg. you should check it out! It's so fun!