a sweet surprise!

This morning I hurried into the kitchen, already late for work, but hoping I could magically fix myself a quick cup of coffee! Look what I found....

He knows me so well! What a sweet way to start the day! It put me in an awesome mood :) I wish we could have skipped work today and had our morning coffee together!

I am loving this pretty painting by Britt! She is one of my new blog friends and she feels the same way about coffee with her husband! (She is so sweet! She put one of my embroidery pages on her blog today! Thanks girl!)

I've been so inspired by embroidery lately! Check these out!

hand stitched vintage bag by Elsie Flannigan

These are so cute, unexpected and honest! I love that!

This cute "granny square" embroidery is stitched by Holly!

and these cuties are by Rachel!

Maybe some day I could try this! I love all of the colors and textures...it's so organic! It's almost like painting with thread.

have a happy wednesday!

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Britt@artbybritt said...

So glad we both feel the same way! :)