happy tuesday!

morning everyone! I hope your weekend was awesome. Jeremy and I had lots to do, but we made time for a little coffee break...yum!

guess what?!? I stared making a few fall coffee cozies!!! If you like anything you see so far, just email me- $12 each. I can also make a special custom cozy for you or a friend!
email me here: mollylovesjeremy@gmail.com.

How was your weekend? Are you seeing any more signs of fall?!


Anita said...

I would love a new fall Cozie. I love the one I have though. When I remember to bring it with me I know I am helping the environment. Its seriously ridiculous how many boxes of those they go through.

Ragan Burkley said...

LOVE the one with the "flowers" on it. i have been dreaming of the day when my cast comes off so i can add tulle to my little flower pins :) great minds....

Kate said...

*siggghhhhh* I just love Fall. Know what else I love? YOUR ROCKIN'AWESOME COZIES!!! I almost have one for every purse! I'm thinkin' I need one for my sparkly green N gold bag...I'll bring it Thursday, so we can pick out colors! TIME FOR A NEW ONE! Is this considered an order? Cuz, ummm...I'm ordering one, like, RIGHT NOW!

I love, love, love you!