I love photos :)

Molly+Jeremy - Reception0264

I was thinking about our wedding today and how much fun we had with pictures! I wanted to share some of the fun with you! One of our favorite parts of the reception was a "photo booth" guestbook! It was so fun to see people putting their sweet faces through the hanging frames and then putting them in a scrapbook for us! My sister designed the pages and they are incredible! She is an amazing paper artist!!! {This is such a cute pic of my sweet friends Bailey and Tyler!}


The lovely ladies of "Imagine If... Wedding Designs"{including Jeremy's awesome mom!} helped this whole idea become a beauiful place filled with hanging frames, red swirl designs, glittery beads and flowy fabric!

Molly+Jeremy - Reception0414

my friends Courtney and Josh are in the background there too! ...and these two incredible girls, Amy and Kate, were striking a pose- CUTE!!!


My amazing friends and even my "rents" joined in on the fun! (My parents have always supported my crazy creativity...I love them so much!)

Molly+Jeremy - Reception0831

These sweet girls, Paige and Bailey, were the amazing photographers and creative assistants for the photo booth! Thanks ya'll! It was perfect.



We also gathered up family photos and put them together on a table to show how God is growing our families together.

Molly+Jeremy - Before1065


These two are the reason I love photos so much...my grandma and my mema! I think I realized that today. I'm so thankful for them!

Molly+Jeremy - Rehearsal0024

Molly+Jeremy - Before1063

I hope that was fun for y'all! What do you love about photos?

The day was so full, fast and wonderful, there are still things I haven't noticed :) I want to savor every moment and memory I have from it. I'm so glad we have pictures to remember! We have never felt more loved by our friends and family than on that special day!

happy wednesday!

*most of these photos are by Brittany Strebeck!!!

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Anita said...

Seems like you had a really beautiful and creative wedding. I also like the way you talk about your husband. I dont even really know you guys and I can tell that your really smitten with him by the way you blog about it. Its a beautiful thing. I just started working at the Starbucks inside of The Hilton, come see me sometime.