a big afternoon coffee break...

ahhh....what tastes better than a pumpkin spice latte dressed to the nines in a new fall cozie?!? Loving the texture on this...it's a little out there...but I kinda love that about it. :)

Tonight I am so excited because i am going to start learning to embroider! I printed a few techniques off of a stitching blog and I'm hoping to add some stitching to my painted fabric pages to make into a book! These are my pages so far...

I have a few more, but you'll have to wait and see them tomorrow! I can't wait to try this! I don't really know what I'm dong so ....we're all in for a suprise! I really like the look of collage so maybe that's where my love of using many different art mediums comes from....so painting, markers, embroidering, sewing, and book making here I come!

I am also tempted to start a few small fall paintings...some leaf themed, some coffee themed, all warm with lots of orange and brown and pink in them! How sweet are these adorable fall paintings by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess?!

Does this one look like me? haha :) Anyways, I better get back to work...I can't wait to show you what I learned tomorrow!!!

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