fall inspiration- day 5!

Okay so it's the last day of fall inspiration week so this one is all over the place ;) hang in there with me! Today is about fall "musts"! Like...I must make a new fall line of coffee cozies!!!
This is my next fall art journal page....it's my fall "must' list :)
Also...fall dates with J! (These often include fun fall clothes and awesome fall food!) Yesterday we had an awesome fall date :) We went to Odessa for something I had to do and then we went to Target! (is Odessa's Target way better than ours or is it just me?) Jeremy bought me this adorable purse :) We goofed around the store and looked at everything- we love it! Then we came back to Midland for dinner at Olive Garden...I got this for dessert!

Pumpkin cheesecake! wow...so good! ( p.s. Anyone have amazing fall recipies to share?! I'm a begginer at cooking, but I'd love to try something new!) Anyways, we had a blast just laughing, talking and being together!

Well...that's it for fall inspiration week! It was so fun to read all of your posts!!!

What's on your "fall musts" list?!

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Kate said...

*LOL* MOLLY! I loooove the Fall Must List! I think I may have to make one. Fall is a time for warmth, coziness & things that just smell great!!! It's also a time to begin celebrating scarves, chilly evenings & sensational tummy n heart-warming drinks!