Featured Artist: Ragan Burkley

Wrap your hands around a huge cup of chai, sit back and relax as you read this awesome artist feature! My amazing friend Ragan is the most passionate person I've ever met! She is full of life and creativity and inspiration flow out of her heart!!! She has given me new perspective in art...
We've been through so much together including our wedding days!!!

AND an art show together!

You're gunna love her! Check out her amazing art and a peak into her heart and life!

1. What is your favorite kind of art to create?
My favorite kind of art is anything free and expressive, anything with bright colors and textures that really draw you in. I absolutely love painting, sewing, and photography; more and more I am learning to really get into clay, it’s so sensual (meaning all of my senses are involved in the creation) and therapeutic.

Planting the Seeds of Love

2. What most inspires you?
My emotional reactions towards life’s circumstances and all of the sensual experiences from my environments - tastes, sounds, textures, lights, colors, etc.

I Let Go Just in Time for You to Catch Me

3. Who are you favorite artists (or art blogs)?
My all time favorite artists are the ones I know best - my friends. However, I have to say my favorite “famous” artists are Gustav Klimt and Mark Rothko

4. What's some of the best advice you've ever been given?
To use my talents, it’s what they were given for > reference the parable of the talents in Matthew!

Grow Confidently
5. What MUST be in your studio/work space?
MUSIC! I can’t think straight without it - I have it on all the time, everywhere I am. The best gift I ever received was an iPod.

Heavenly Love

6. Favorite drink: chai latte. cold or hot. and especially with cinnamon.

7. Top 5 creative music: oooh that’s a toughie! Only FIVE?? It TOTALLY depends on the mood I am in - Jack Johnson, Corrine Bailey Ray, Jason Mraz, Diana Krall, Caleb Jude Green...classical jazz like Ella or Luis or Frank....Michael Buble....

My Man in Pink

8. What is a typical day like for you?
When do you make time to be creative? A typical day for me is FULL of creativity. I count myself as one of the very few lucky artists who get to spend their day (and get paid for) doing what they love. Though most of my time is spent helping others find their own inner creative spirit, I manage to do at least one expressive activity each day - whether writing, singing, doodling on my notes, dancing, etc. I have the most time to be creative during my summer vacation, which is the reason behind becoming a teacher :)

9. Why do you create?
I create to breathe, to vent, to express, to shout, to praise, and to communicate. Creating is like breathing. I don’t know anything other than to create.

The Dreamer

10. What advice do you have for artists who are just getting started?
NEVER GIVE UP, and don’t listen to people who want to pull you down. Remember all criticism, given its rightful place, is intended only to make you better. You make art because it’s who you are, and YOU get to decide what art is. Don’t ever let anyone else decide for you.

August Lilies

11. What's it like to be an art teacher?
A very difficult and challenging job, to bring out in some what is not naturally there; an extremely emotional, rewarding job to enhance, build up, and push forward those who have the talent. Some students I don’t even tell what to do - I just sit back and watch them do it. For others, I have to break things down to the fundamentals, which in turn helps me understand and appreciate the process all the more. It’s awesome; my students inspire me and challenge me every day.

12. Does your faith effect your artwork?
My faith touches every aspect of my life, and therefore is the undercurrent in each of my art pieces. My art is about my life, and my life is built upon my faith.

13. What's your newest art adventure?
Textiles in any shape or fashion. My latest creations are the vintage-inspired accessories I have been working on. So far the pins are only flowers but I have plans to make little birdies :) I have made them into pins that can either be worn on clothing or in your hair, and I also recently expanded to baby "bows"/headbands. I've also just this summer began to teach personalized private art lessons, and it's been a blast so far.

14. What's your favorite thing about what you do?
My favorite thing about my art is that it is such a powerful way to communicate my deepest inner thoughts and emotions. I can tell a journey through my art rather than explain it verbally. Visuals are far more powerful and expedient than words.

15. How could someone go about purchasing your artwork?
They can check out what’s up in my flickr gallery at www.flickr.com/photos/mattraganburkley, check out my artist blog, which is being updated on a more regular basis at www.painterlypassion.blogspot.com, and email me at painterly.passion@yahoo.com.

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Anita said...

How great. I really love "The Dreamer" and the one about the caged bird.

I kind of relate to the part about not letting others get you down. Thanks for sharing!