part 1 of "Who I Am" project

Picture 004
here's a little peak into what I've been working on! I started with these photos that my AWESOME friend Kate took on Saturday at our photo shoot! (Aren't her shots amazing!?!)
I began to edit and play around with them for an art project to help me work through the idea of living out of who God says I am...

Picture 006
I found a few fun edit techniques and came to this...what do y'all think? It's a start, but i think i want to push it even further! Next...journaling right on top of this photo collage!

who I am
Thanks for walking this journey with me!
How's your wednesday?!

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Mike and Cymbre said...

My Wednesday is FABULOUS!! Thanks for asking! (I got to see and hear my baby yesterday...it doesn't get much better than that!)