turning a new leaf

How's life? Mine has been changing so much lately and I'm trying to keep up and transition along with it! Please hang in there with me...my posts will become more consistant soon. I drive by this tree most days coming home from work. I love to see the sun shine through these orange crunchy leaves...there are less and less of them every day. They have embraced change! It's got me thinking about if I'm letting my colors change to prepare for the next season of life...
What's coming? I'll tell you about our wedding invites (that we just mailed today!) designed by my fabulous friend, the amazing artist Meredith Watson @ Boo Cat designs! I'll give you some updates from my new job, new apartment, and finishing up wedding plans! I'm hoping to show you new art soon as well :)
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What's changing in your life and what color is your leaf? :)


djinn said...

loverly photograph that!

Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

Hi Molly Kate(or just Molly?),
Hubby and I are turning 29 on the 28th of this month -not a huge change...but enough of one. The big changes for both of us -we lost our dog Jasper(age 17) on June 17th, lost his Mom on August 18th and lost my Mom on December 11th. They are all with the Lord(question to ask God -Is there animal heaven?). A within the home change will start on the 29th of this month and run thru January 29th(I have got to get my craft stuff truly organized and reclaim the living room as a living room). I think the color of my leaf is purple(my Mom's fav color)I wonder what a tree of purple leaves and pink carnations(MIL fav) would look like and instead of a traditional trunk have it look more like dog bones or a mix of both bone and trunk? Merry Christmas and Happy happies. Joyce

Rob said...

Seems the only constant this year has been change!

We're just about to celebrate our first Christmas with our son and that may be even more thrilling for us as it is him. But at the same time, we lost a couple of family members and a very close and dear friend in the past few months.

Through it all though, 2008 has been a blessed year!