Ooo La la!

Well, I'm a bit behind on my posts, but here are some pictures from this awesome bridal lingerie shower that my bridesmaids threw me!!! They are so fun and artsy...check it out!
First, my amazing sis Emily chose this adorable cafe with the best chocolate muffins, blueberry scones, and the best coffee!!! She created hand-stamped invitation that are gorgeous! I wish you could see...everyone raved. She also headed up a fun game of asking me questions about Jeremy. Everytime I got one right, I got a present! If only life were like this...
Thanks Em! It was perfect.

see how cute it is!?

Ragan made these beautiful decorations that I am SO using again at the wedding and at home...
There are so many details, I wish you could see all of the stamping, stitching, gluing, painting, and magic that went into her decor! It looked like it should be in a magazine. Look out Martha!

Then, Danielle did this amazing art project with us! Each guest painted a little canvas that she's putting together like a mosaic. How creative! I cant wait to see everyone's painting together like a big colaborative masterpiece. It was such a fun activity!

Everyone being an artist!
Thanks girls! I had the best time!

I hope you got lots of great ideas and inspiration...I know I do everytime I'm around them!

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