there is beauty...just look :)

Jeremy and I went to a new resturant in town! Well, it's not exactly a new place, it was a dance club and some amazing people saw the beauty in this place and turned it into a really nice place full of music and amazing southern foods! Our friend Nathan played jazzy acoustic Christmas songs and some of his own songs while we ate & ate & ate the best food we've had in a while!!!

The place is so unique with neon lights, mirrors on all of the walls, a stage, dance floor, dj booth, bar, and the hint of it's past life. I love the way the owners painted, decorated, and added such beautiful artwork to this space! Couples sat at a romantic table for two and kids laughed at tables full of family and chatting, while otheres just sat quietly eating and listening. It was fantastic.

These pictures just can't do it justice...it's a cool place!

spectacular peach tea in a pretty glass and sweet potato skins with brown sugar...and the yummy main dish!

I just wanted to share this story with you all and see what you think. Some people might wonder how the owners saw the potential for such a nice resturant. Did they know the beauty that was hidden in what other people had given up on?
What do you see? :)


Kayla Barker said...

Is this in Midland? If so, where is it??

Anonymous said...

It's called Southern Lady - on the south side - I'm not sure where.

Anonymous said...

It's called Southern Velle. As you go south on Lamesa just past the RR tracks turn right and go about 2 blocks. It's about mid-way between Terrell and Lamesa Rd just south of the tracks.

Anonymous said...

Its the Southern Belle.

My name is Anita, and Im a fan of your blogs. I love the coffee sleeves.

Also Nathan is my brother in law, crazy how small midland is sometimes.

The Dodds said...

The fried catfish is out of this world!

Kate said...

I love Southern Velle! They have outstanding grilled chicken!