Lets Start the Show...

coffee cozy styles of the fall collection! Here are some shots of the new cozies going to "Bryant Park"!!! HA HA! Okay....not really....but they ARE going to "Specs and Wings Etsy Shop"!!!!

My inspirations are the colors, textures, and feelings of fall. Beautiful rusty orange, sunny hot fuchsia, golden yellow, and warm camel brown with the textures of the crunchy leaves, crisp air, soft sweaters, and newness of the season. I *heart* fall.

{this couture look is certainly one of my favorites. It's way out there....maybe I should have brought an "editing-eye" but it was so fun I decided to let the fabrics/buttons lead the way!}

It has just started to feel more like Autumn around here and I'm actually wearing a sweater (although I covet the little jackets on my coffee cups!) What sounds better on day like today than to cozy up on my big chair with a pumpkin spice latte {dressed to the nines} and watch a marathon of Project Runway all the way to the finale?!? Only if Jeremy sharing it too! I actually haven't seen the last one yet, but it's waiting for me at home to watch asap!

Are you loving the fall season this year? Some dear people I know left for a trip today to watch the leaves change in another state. Can you imagine? I will have to add that to the list of things I would like to do someday! This fall has really been a time of transition for me. I guess I don't need to go anywhere because there is plenty of change right where I am. I just have to embrace the changes and transition along with them! I hope your Thursday is lovely!!! Make it work!


Anonymous said...

these are soooo cute! i am planning on getting a few for the kids teacher gifts! it will be cute for them to bring their teacher a cup of coffe in the morning with your cozy on it! i love project runway... i'm sure you know by now who wone, just wondering who you've been rooting for? kenley??? she has attitude, but i dig her vintage style!
anyhoo.... i won't wait around too long, your cozies seem to disappear!
love, anne

jarispry said...

i LOVE your cozies! am loving 'lucille'.. thanks again so much!
you truly are amazing!!!!