Today I took the day off! Well, it's actually 1am now so I guess I actually took yesterday off, but you get the idea. After a dreaded doctors apt. I treated myself to a day of sewing coffee cozies! I took a walk through Hobby Lobby and found this adorable sewing box:

And a bit of remnant fabric/ felt and hurried home to work. I watched a marathon of Project Runway all day and told myself as I sewed them to "make it work!", "Carry on" and "Holla at your boy"....ha ha! Anyone else a die-hard fan?! Don't tell me who won, I recoreded it because I had a date with Jeremy and I'm watching it tomorrow. (or well...today).

Anyway, here is a sneak peak at my fall collection! I'm getting ready to update the shop (http://www.specsandwings.etsy.com/).
Fashion show to come...just wait til you see my coture cozy! It's fierce.

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Kayla Barker said...

How fun for you! I love Project Runway, but I don't watch it consistently. Can't wait to see the finished cozies!