Journal Pages & Bargains

Today has been full of thrift shopping, journal page making, and wedding prep! YAY! It was great. Here's my next layout for Rachel Denbow's Steady Hand Faulty Heart online class.

AND I found this lovely lady, a polaroid camera that fits the only kind of film I can find! (I think she needs a name...any suggestions?) I was pretty excited that it only cost me $5.95!!!
What a deal.

I also found this deal on photo albums for the engagement pictures I recently recieved! Woo Hoo! Check out the link at the top of the page to see our awesome photographer's blog.

What's your favorite place to bargain shop? :)


Rob & Jen said...

I think you should name your camera Lucy. I don't know why, but I thought of that name when I read that sentence. hehe. I hope things are great, I miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

yay you found a camera!!! and I see my picture in your layout!

Morgan said...

He Molls! I miss you tons. I told Jenn that I just need to make a random trip to Midland since my next planned trip to Midland isn't until your wedding! Yikes!

I second the motion to name the camera Lucy. I think it captures her personality well.

P.S. I totally have a folder in that same black and white print at the end of your post. I found it at Wal-Mart. They seem to have cuter stuff lately ;) Love!