vintage style cozies

I found some fun vintage looking fabric & buttons and made a lot of cozies...here are a few to show you! I'll be updating my etsy soon! I have a few more suprises before I update but I'll let you know. I feel a giveaway coming on! :)

Hey what you do you guys think of these packaging ideas? this tag is my buisness card and then Terri & I tested out a cardstock "coffee cup" idea that my mom came up with :).

God is SO GOOD and I'm having a blast this summer creating out of the joy I have from Him!


Henry said...

these are very cute! i'd drink coffee in public all the time for an excuse to show them off!

The Roberts' said...

those are super cute! i love vintage! ill be watching out for all your new designs, maybe i need to add to my cozy collection... ;-)