a fashion show @ starbucks!

This morning when I went to Starbucks I had a particular objective in mind.
1. get coffee...mmmm

2. take a few moments in one of my favorite morning places

3. a coffee cozy fashion show
I'm sure that anyone who drove or walked by me this morning was wondering what I was doing...but you get the best view right here on my blog! I'm taking some pics in preparation for some new items that will arrive in my etsy shop very soon! It was like a coffee cozy fashion show/ photo shoot :). It was way fun. Here are some that I don't think I've shown you yet:

vintage red polka dot!

This one is back :)

this one is sooo soft!

Danielle and I had another art party so I have some more fun things to show you, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow! check back :)


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! You are quite creative.

Doreen said...

Ohhh very nice! Looking forward to hearing about this giveaway coming up!! :)