goodnight :)

I'm sleepy so I'll try to blog better tomorrow...
here's a painting I did for an example when Danielle and I taught vacation Bible school. We painted on canvas and them collaged on different fabrics.
The theme was miracles...my "daily" take on this theme is how miraculous it is that we grow in all aspects. God is so good to us. Have you noticed how you've grown? I sometimes don't stop to think about that. "He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion"...amazing.
What are some other miraculous things going on in your life? I'd sure love to hear about them.


Kate said...

I rejoice you CHOSE a happy nappy, Sunday! We all need to take time to listen to rain drops, smell the clean & be quiet in God's glorious world. I LOVE the new cozies & that wedding dress book is as amazing as it was exciting listening to you talk about it!! The wings are dreamy... Of course I love it!

Angela DeRossett said...

That came out so beautiful!!! You have wonderful gift!