one of my favorite days yet!

Last Saturday, that is. I spent the day with Jeremy! The whole day. We met for breakfast and planned out the day. We looked for appartments & wedding stuff, and we just had an AMAZING time!!! We stopped for a lovely coffee break and I saw this awesome artwork at the coffee shop! Pretty awesome huh?! I would hang it on my wall.

Here are those cozies finished up from earlier this week! Thanks so much for your amazing encouraging words in your comments. It means so much.


The Roberts' said...

ooh, i like the bottom middle one.

im glad you are enjoying your engagement!! dont wish it away!

Anonymous said...

hey molly,

i have a question for you! what type of process do you do or service do you use to make prints of your paintings? I am wanting to make post cards of some photographs of my "wares" to send to prospective clients. Is it expensive??!! I son't know where to start! Thanks for any info you can send my way.
Also, I really love the applique coffee cozy! I'm gonna check your shop out in a second & see if it's available! Make more!
When are you getting married? Is your guy from Midland too? How long have y'all been together? questions questions question!
have an awesome day, week!
Anne Painter

Molly Swanson said...

hi Anne!
I'd love to answer all of your questions in detail! Do you have an email address I could send answers to? Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...


oops! it's me pottery anne!
i was totally assuming that you knew that!

email is cruh@aim.com!