Take my Hand

This is a painting I started working on last week and I finished it up today.
I painted on top of a black and white copy of a photo that Jeremy and I took a while back. I love to make paintings this way! If you are interested in having me paint one for you, leave me a comment and e-mail me a pic :).

I tried out my embosser on this tag
and here
By using distress ink pad in "Fraying Burlap" and clear embossing powder, I gave the words "Take my hand" a gentle, whispering look. Just the mood I was hoping for!
I added high lights and swirls on top of this picture of Jeremy and I holding hands using a dry white-out pen.

By God's grace Jeremy and I never lost the wonder of holding hands. It means so much to us! What does this collage painting mean to you?


Kayla Barker said...

That is so neat! I love it!

Kate said...

Molly I am in love! This painting tells your story in so many unique ways. It truly captures the wonderous stability, respect & childlike creativity you & Jeremy share in your love(which I, of course, admire greatly). What an honor you would lend it to all of us. Thank you friend! I am so proud to have witnessed its birth from an awesome photo. He has done it again! Your art has stolen my heart!

Amber said...

molly i love this! i am so glad you have a blog!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this painting!! It's so unique! You might have to do another one for me sometime. ;)