Featured on Vintage Shopping Guide!

Today I am honored to be featured in the...

Check it out! at http://www.vintageshoppingguide.com/!

I love this website and I've already been eyeing a pair of vintage shoes I saw there! Vintage is absolutely one of my favorites and this amazing site has so many links and clothes and fun fashion ideas...I love it! & here's the feature:

Coffee Cozy
July 9, 2008

"If you are going to make a day out of it like we did you may want to stop off for an iced coffee or other cool beverage. Sip your frosty drink with a stylish vintage coffee cozy like these made by Etsy artist specsandwings. These fun little cozies are just $12. Check them out here."
*I hope you get a chace to stop by today and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway on Monday's post! Have an amazing Wednesday!*


The Roberts' said...

oh my gosh that is so cool! you are going to be so famous one day! & ill tell everyone, i had one of the very first cozies, so that makes me cool too!! :-)

Angela DeRossett said...

Awesome!!!!! What great press!

Kate said...

Molly baby I am SO PROUD of you!! This site is so, so AWESOME!!! You're en fuego, Missy Artie-Pants!

Girly Movie Night Friday! My cozy bungalo is calling to you--of course we'll have scrumptious choco java delight. Please come! It won't be the same without you!