all tied up nicely :)

I made some new packaging!

I had some envelopes donated to me so I turned them inside out to decorate! I used foam stamps and distress ink pads. I used them on large tags as well. I created the black and white stamped notecards at an art party a while back so I made buisness cards from small tags to match! I stamped and embossed them...I think they are my favorite!

I can't wait for someone to buy something on etsy so I can use them!!!
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Anonymous said...

okay, i'm commenting again!!! just making sure that you know that OBVIOUSLY, your blog is a very interesting read& i'm checking it everyday to see what you're up to!
it's like, so what i wish i could do!!!! i seriously need to send you some photos of what i've been doing b/c i think you would appreciate it! don't know if i've mentioned to you before that we have 7 kids ages almost 14-7 (the boys) plus emmy who's almost 2, so i guess i can use this as my excuse for not getting all i want done! anyways, you really inspire me!