take a stroll through the galley with me?

I saw the most amazing art show the other morning. I couldn't stop thinking about it! The topic was "The Garden of Eden" and several students and teachers created thier own interpretation. I wasn't expecting what I found there. Each artist's interpretation was so emotional, so telling, and so powerful!

Guarding The Tree in Eden by Claudia Matthews

After Thought by Virginia Hanley

The Fall by Katherine Rodrigues

Shoulda Known Better by Christine Galusky

The First Beagle by Susan Randle

And, my favorite...In His Hands by Kay Eskew

I would love to hear what you think about these. I hope you enjoy this art as much as I have! What are your feelings on "The Garden of Eden"? I am still thinking through and wondering what kind of art I would have made for this topic. If I come up with something I'll let you know!

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Angela DeRossett said...

Those were wonderful... I love the 'I should have had a banana'! LOL

Anonymous said...

wow! those are incredible! i especially like "after thought" and "in his hand". i hope you paint your own! i would love to see what you would do! :)