New Old Journal

I started a new journal! I'm so excited. It's a vintage book that I picked up at a library sale in Lubbock. I am using some fabric, printed paper, vintage book pages, stamps, markers, paint...anything that I fancy at the moment!

I am getting married soon and I can't wait! Jeremy is so AMAZING and I LOVE him so much!!!! I want to celebrate our time preparing for life together! I want to "treasure all these moments in my heart" and make art about them, praising God for them. Here's the start of a few pages.

Have an amazing week everyone!


Kate said...

Your art makes my heart cry w/ joy. I love it. I LOVE IT!!! I want your hands to work for my mind... *LOL* I am ever inspired, Lovely Molly.

Anonymous said...

hey there, i'm felling a little bit stalker-ish, but i am wondering if you are the same molly that used to work at the pottery in midland? if so, this is raye ann's daughter, anne... i think you were hired after i moved from midland to jackson, mississippi. my mom always sung your praises! i swear this has got to be you. i discovered you while browsing etsy & i am so impressed with your talent & work. it looks like we read a lot of the same blogs & have a lot of the same interests. i have moved on from clay & pottery to primarily sewing & a little bit of painting ever so often, as i have a precious baby girl now that i can finally sew for (after 3 boys!)
i am so impressed by your talent & work... also, i love your blog! you remind me of me 15 year ago... if i had followed all my dreams!!! keep it up!
whether or not this is molly form the pottery...i have really enjoyed looking at your work & blog!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... let me know if this really is who i think it is
anne embrey painter