Feeling Beautifully Inspired!

an incredible collage by Kate! I feel so special to own an original collage!

Kate & me

I am so blessed to have spent the evening with such an amazing woman who inspires me with her life, her art, and her heart! Jeremy and I went to our friend Kate's lovely home and I feel so inspired! We left hours ago and I still can't seem to make it to sleep because I'm so full of ideas and I just want to create. Oh, if you could see her amazing photography, journals and more of her collage art. She is amazing!
She is also such encourager! Jeremy and I felt so refreshed after we spent time with her. The Lord is so apparent in everything about her and her authenticity is beautiful. (I also have major hair envy! Check those gorgeous curls!)
Kate also introduced me to some amazing artists tonight! One is Sabrina Ward Harrison. She is an awesome journal artist and this book is certainly on my wish list. It is her art journal that she had published. How brave and inspiring! Oh Kate, we gotta go to one of her workshops...how about the one in Ireland!?!

Thank you Kate for everything! I'm feeling beautifully inspired....what inspires you?

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Morgan said...

Hey Molly olly. I love reading your blog. It always inspires me to be more artistic. Thanks for commenting on my blog. The cake really wasn't bad. I was expecting the worst. Apparently if you wrap it in saran wrap and then foil, it comes out pretty good.

Hey will you be in Midland all summer? I'm coming for Ty's retirement party and maybe we could meet up. I think it is June 27th and 28th. Anyway, tell me what you think. Love ya!