Bubble Tea!

Here we are with this cute painting!

Danielle's boba in the big straw
I've been chewing mine....wierd
there they are.

Ha HA! Yes, last night Danielle and I took the plunge. We tried bubble tea (also known as boba). We just got the little tea shop in our town and being the daring women we are....we tried it! Her sister assisted us in what to order and helped us know what to do! It was....weird. hmmm. Certainly an experience. I'm glad I tried it. I am so blessed to have my daring friend Danielle in Midland with me! She rocks.

If you live close, check it out! The decorations are really cool and there's even a graffiti wall in the back! FUN!

my specs graffiti

Olive Eyes! Danielle's tag

More soon! Have an awesome day!


Kayla Barker said...

Hi, Molly Kate! I was just there today for the first time. Try the Pina Colada smoothie! It is amazing!

I ran across your etsy shop a couple weeks ago and noticed that we live in the same town! I have been enjoying reading your blog. I really love all of your paintings and other neat stuff! I am a full time freelance graphic designer, but I have lots of other hobbies. I just recently starting painting and I really LOVE it.

Anyway, I just wanted to leave you a note and say HI!

Kate said...

My Precious M.K! I love that Bubble shop, as I've begun to call it. Taro milk is by far my favorite. I'm not a regular, but I am certainly a FAN. HELLO!!! Where else can you chew your smoothie? Seriously. what will they think of, next? *LOL* I had to send my daily "I love you, I'm praying for you." Let's get together & glue some things this weekend! I have to make you espresso shake. You're going to flip! Mmmwa! ~Miss Kate