graffiti @ art-issle & soul-dissle

There's a Hip-Hop workshop this week @ Art & Soul! How do you get ready for that?

watch out!

great ready...

we made an amazing backdrop for the kids to "strike a pose" in front of @ the workshop!

We tested it out...I love my job. We look really tough, huh?! Terri is so fun and we def. got into this....we laughed so much and God is SO GOOD! I am going to miss this first workshop, but it was so fun to prep for it!

The reason I'm missing it is because Danielle and I are teaching art at the Vacation Bible School! We are finishing up our samples and prep-ing this to start tomorrow! It's exciting!!! We get to hang out with some awesome kids and learn/teach about Christ's miracles!!! We're making painted wall hangings, fabric collages, and journals! I'll post more about that throughout the week. See some samples of them on Danielle's blog. I've actually never gotten the opportunity to teach with her and I'm excited! It's going to be a fun week.

I miss y'all...comment me with your favorite Hip-Hop phrase to get us ready for the week!!!

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