The Dress

Today I tried on a wedding dress for the very first time. It was magic. My mom and I just decided to go into a local bridal shop for fun. I slipped on two in particular that made my heart sing! It was so fun.

It also inspired me to finish a fabric book that I started a while back that is about an old saying my Mema told me for choosing what color to wear on your wedding day. She has always been up on fashion. This book is made from a piece of canvas that I dyed using tea. Then I used watercolor to paint the wings for the dresses. The dresses are cut from scraps of different fabrics and sewn on with the sewing machine. Then I used stamps and a marker to add the words.

I love that she shared this advice with me and also told me the story of how she and my Papa were married. This story is so close to my heart. My Mema wore blue and my Papa wore brown. These were very wise choices! :)

This fabric book also holds a suprise...it unfolds into a wall hanging! Here are all the wedding dresses flying!

Tell me your dress or wedding advice and what you think of the book :)


Morgan said...

I love that book Molly Olly! I would totally buy it if it were for sale. I've been looking on your website and I just love everything. You are so creative and you make all that look so easy you're amazing! Oh and I wore white on my wedding day because to me it represented my purity.

The Dodds said...

I wore white because I DEFINITELY chose RIGHT!