Guns Up

It happened...I graduated from college! It's so wild to think that the college chapter of my life has closed and the rest is still unwritten (thank you Natacia Betingfield). Jeremy and I rode to Lubbock together and I recounted God's goodness and what all had happened by being a Visual Studies major (art education). God used my amazing profs to open my eyes. I have learned about so much more than art ed....I learned that art should be about helping, caring for, and loving people. I am forever changed. Jeremy walked with me on this journey and I'm forever grateful, his support and encouragement were incredible! My family has been my rock and I know that I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. What other family would support me deciding on an art degree?! They are amazing. God lovingly also gave me Danielle as my friend. It will be "so weird" to not live next to her anymore. I have so many memories and I love recalling all of our art parties! We decided to resume art parties next week!!! And my amazing friends from school, church, & home, thank you so much and lots of love (you're all in my heart)!!!
I loved college. I'm excited to live what's coming though!

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Morgan said...

Congrats Molly Olly! You look great in your cap and gown ;)