the deep end is safer.

Today I had the pleasure of being encouraged by three lovely ladies at the local Starbucks! I was sitting at a table taking some photos, like this one, of the newest edtion to my online store:
(These are hand painted coffee cozies- get 'em while they're hot!)
(& this photo is for Danielle who loves the word "flourish"!)
I was thinking, I bet other people are wondering why I'm taking these crazy pictures. (I am inpired by the photos on these blogs: Hula Seventy, Persisting Stars, Piece of Work, and Red Velvet Art.) Then, a few ladies begin asking me what I was taking pictures of and what I do. I told them that I'm an artist blogger.
I was unsure of how to explain, but I loved the words I heard from suzanne simanaitis's book Kaleidoscope:
"In claiming the identity of "artist" for your brave, sweet self, be bold about it. If you are going to dive in, it is actually safest to aim for the deep end."
Well, she was right, and I was met with only the deepest support and encouragement. Thank you so much Gretchen, Lisa, and Sue! (hope I got those names right :) y'all are amazing!)
I'll post more later because I will be drawing the winner of the giveaway this evening! There is still time to sign up! I also have some amazing news, but I'll leave you in suspense.
**** It's later in the day and I had my dad draw out a winner for the giveaway! Congrats "ToyStory"! I've sent you an e-mail and just reply with your address and your prize will be on its way! If you didn't win this time, dont worry, I'll have more giveaways in the future...they are so fun!

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