It's Time- to Start Again

In so many ways, it's time. Time away from this place was such a blessing and to any of you who still follow my blog, thank you for your patience and prayers. Truly. God moved in my heart to let go and make some changes so I'm back and excited! There are lots of things to share, but since this is my first post back, I want to keep it simple.

For me, it's time to start again, start over, refresh, be inspired, and be brave in a new way. Anyone else need a fresh start? Let's do this together.

I'm back in the studio too, but starting smaller and in a much truer place for me. I'll be sharing some new paper paintings on Instagram and in my shop!

More soon! If you're still out there, send a hello! :) specsandwings@gmail.com or on insta @specsandwings

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