Link Love Friday!

(by Annie Barnett, found on Nesting Place Blog)

Well, every year my work place hits a really crazy time of year so I have to slow down with blogging a little bit. Thankfully, that season has recently ended and I feel a rush of relief and energy that I haven't felt in weeks!  One of my favorite posts to share with y'all has always been "Link Love"with the things that are inspiring me around the web! I'm hoping start sharing these types of posts every Friday starting today! Thanks for bearing with me my sweet readers!

Enjoy your weekend and if you get a change, sip on your cinnamon tea while checking out my favorite links...

I absolutely love this post about saying "no" in order to say "yes".... has me thinking about what I'd want in my "no/yes" lists....

Interesting article on How To Build Your Creative Tribe. Do you have one?

A great checklist before hitting "publish" on your blog.

Need some conversation starters over Thanksgiving dinner? Love this cute napkin!

DIY Thieves soap and cleaners from my friends at Going Granola!

One of my new favorite bloggers is featured in a magazine and sharing her story here.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Share your favorites in the comments!

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